Florida Sports Betting Sites

Sports betting is a confusing industry no matter how you look at it, as there are a few laws that have had a profound affect on the way the industry functions. Floridians are not exempt from these laws, though there is one thing to always remember - when it comes to sports betting, federal laws only prohibit the actual operation of a sportsbook, not playing through one. With no federal law criminalizing Internet based sports betting, you will not have to worry about anything other than the state laws regarding Internet sports gambling, of which there are none.

The Current State Of Online Sports Betting In Florida

When we started looking through Florida's statutes, the laws regarding sports gambling were one of our main points of contention. We had looked through every statute in Chapter 849, the Chapter related to gambling. Under these laws there is nothing related to Internet based gambling, sports gambling included. Under the current state and federal laws it is illegal to operate a sportsbook or bet with a land based enterprise, but online gamblers enjoy a de facto level of protection with no specific ban against Florida online gambling.

Is It Safe For Florida Residents To Bet On Sports Online?

Always keep in mind that sports gambling on the Internet is something of a grey area. You will be able to bet without the fear of the law, though you also enjoy no legal protection outside of the offshore, international licensing agencies that govern this particular form of gambling. If you are going to bet on sports remember to do so through only trusted locations, as this is the only way you can truly insulate yourself from harm.

Best Casino Gambling Sites For Florida Residents

Sportsbooks Deposit Bonuses Visit
Bovada Sportsbook Unlimited 10% Matching Deposit Bonus VISIT
BetOnline Sportsbook Unlimited 25% To $900 Deposit Bonuses VISIT
SportsBetting Sportsbook 25% Match To $900 VISIT
5Dimes Sportsbook 50% To $200 Then 20% To $400 VISIT
DSI Sportsbook 10% (3x) or 20% (5x) Match Bonuses To $500 VISIT


Bovada - #1 For Betting Seminoles, Gators, Dolphins & More

Bovada has emerged as the #1 sportsbook over all of the competition, and this is true due to a variety of reasons. If you look at their betting site you will see that they offer better odds, an incredible bonus and a wide range of sports for you to bet. If you look into their site you will immediately see that they offer the 10% unlimited bonus, which is one of the largest online. Their features include an intuitively designed betting card, live in game betting, an easy cashier and instant access to all of their games with the simple click of a button. Should you decide to play with Bovada you will be utilizing one of the most generous sports betting sites accepting Floridians.



BetOnline - Betting Lines For Most Collegiate & All NFL Games

While BetOnline is a relatively new sportsbook, we have put a lot of faith in them. They are committed to their players, and they show this with their impressive sign up bonus. This unrivaled bonus grants a 25% match to $900, which has one of the highest limits in all of sports betting. Their betting odds generally come with significant payoffs, making this one of the more generous sites for gambling on the market. BetOnline provides their users with a never ending supply of options, and this is why we like them - they do not limit themselves. BetOnline has a license out of Panama, and this license forces them to operate under legitimacy and nothing else. Out of all of the Florida online sports betting sites, BetOnline is easily one of our preferred gaming locations.


SportsBetting - Very Trusted Name In Internet Sports Betting

SportsBetting has been around since 1996, and they have withstood the test of time in an expert fashion. SportsBetting boasts substantial bonuses, easy access, a handful of different sports, high paying parlays, and a multitude of extra features. They have betting trends readily available, a bet card that will calculate all of the risk/reward of your bets, and even a mobile betting site. Optimized to operate on a mobile phone, this mobile site will let you wager on the run without too much trouble. Should you decide to take this option, you will be able to get in on the bets directly through your phone. SportsBetting has a 25% match to $100 for all new players, which will start you off with a boosted bankroll. SportsBetting is definitely one of the most trusted sports betting sites, and we can recommend it above most others.